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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Victorian London Buildings

The long weekend did not quite go as planned! However I did manage to get some paint on some Victorian Bobbies I have. With the activity of EotD and IHMN there are options coming for Victorian London Buildings. Sarissa are producing a likely looking range called Gaslamp Alley, early pictures can be seen here http://www.sarissa-precision.co.uk/ , they appear to provide a option to go either with terraced buildings suitable for the East End which is I suspect what most people are after to do scenarios linked to Jack the Ripper etc , but they do have some upmarket propertys so a posher part of London can also be modelled.
4Ground http://www.4ground.co.uk/ are also producing a range which are linked into the IHMN release, they have posted a teaser of a police station on there facebook page , just what I need!

Looks like a pretty good replication of Leman Street Polics station in the East End

Jimbibblys Oshiro Model Terrain http://www.oshiromodelterrain.co.uk/victorianbuildings.html
also have some perfect buildings too.
Looks like for those of us who like to buy there terrain we can at last get a Victorian urban table set up without too much pain. It will be something I look forward to doing in the Summer...if we ever get one


  1. We certainly seem spoilt for choice at the moment; I think a little from each should work nicely!

  2. Michael, that was my thinking exactly! Or a lot from each ;)

  3. Some lovely stuff coming out decisions, decisions!