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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Victorian Britain Books

I am currently reading The Yard by Alex Grecian, a novel about  Scotland Yard based just after the Jack the Ripper murders, the same time as the fantastic television series Rippers was set and as the Empire of the Dead fluff. Its a pretty good story and although Ive not yet finished I would highly recomend it.
In light of a distinct absence of any miniature painting I thought I would post some of the books I own which I feel would be of interest to gamers into Victorian London.
The Victorian Underworld by Donald Thomas covers the seedy side of Victorian life, its not one I have read yet but should provide plenty of ideas for characters in gaming. Peter Ackroyds London Under is a fairly short book giving a overview of the London below the surface, although not just on Victorian stuctures there is plenty the of interest with chapters on The Underground railway, Londons rivers and streams (there is 13 of them) , sewers  etc etc there is plenty of ideas for below ground boards.Sarah Wise The Blackest Streets I read a few years ago and for a detailed view of the the East End slums it is a very well written social history, if somewhat depressing by showing mans humanity to man. It tells the tale of the Nichol, a notorious slum near Bethnal Green.The Jack the Ripper biik is just one of many available, it seems to have a good covergae of the information available including many statements, it has about 6 experts give there opnion on who the Ripper was and it has a bibliography and a filmography.
Dickins Dictionary of London 1888  is a very useful reprint. Written by Charles Dickens son in it is jampacked with info about almost anything you want to know. All the Gentlemens Clubs are listed (as well as the two Ladies clubs , one of which will be the basis for a EotD faction of mine), there is Omnibus information,the addresses of all the Embasies,detailed info on the make up of the Met Police Force etc, there are over 700 entries detailing leisure, banking, transport, commercial, church, and some observances on social behaviour.Excellent reference for EotD players who intend to game London.
I have not yet read Victorian Sensation by Michael Diamond, its sub title of Spectacular , Shocking and the Scandolous of 19c Britains gives a good idea , it has chapters  on Sex Royalty Murder  Religion amongst others, should be good for some scenarios or back storys.
I bought The Railway Navvies in a oxfam shop and found it very interesting. It details the story of the navvies and provides some ideas for gang scenarios, apparently they often fought down Nationalist and religous lines...times dont change.
These last two provide some visual stimulation, they pretty much speak for themselves.

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  1. All good inspiration, Will have to check out the underworld one.