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Monday, 29 November 2010


Finally after months , maybe even years, of thinking about it I have finally tidied  my games/hobby room. Its still pretty congested but in a organised way, at least I can walk to the painting table without treading on something , although I normally paint downstairs in the kitchin but this involves lugging everything up and down two flights of stairs.

I have also organised my Victorian themed books , this bookcase contains all my uniform guides, steampunk novels , classic Victorian literature, rules and anything else which relates to the period and hobby I post about on this blog. Mors Minor did claim that the Picture Book of Dinosaurs was actually his but I set him straight!

Hopefully I can get going on my painting again, I have lots of partially completed units that I can get stuck into both for colonial and VSF. The lack of posting on my blog has not been due to a lack of painting (or indeed buying!) of miniatures and terrain but just time pressure. I intend to start posting again regularly as it acts as a spur to complete units. More to follow shortly.....