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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Armoured Support For Imperial Japanese Army

I really should have finished a couple of units for the Japanese this week, by Saturday at least one more will be done as only the bases need finishing off. The Imperial Guard unit is very close to being finished too.Instead I did a bit on my British Home Service 17th lancers and been fiddling about with their pennants. Grrrrr.Heres a picture of a Ironclad armoured car, just need to add a decal on the turret then it will be done. As the weekend is fairly clear of activities I hope to post more pics of completed units then!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Work and family commitments have seen a pretty quiet time on the miniatures front for me. I am still plugging away at the Japanese infantry , I have managed to finish a scout steam armoured car for them, I will post some pics at the weekend.
Some exciting news , Great War Miniatures are releasing a Crimean War range. I looked at this period about 6 months ago but decided the ranges available were a bit limited, even Foundrys old range did not appeal. I bought a few boxes of soft plastics because there seem to be a good range available, far more economical too!
But I got bored cleaning the figures up so it got shelved. With Musketeer about to release Indian Mutiny figures too , I shall have to decide if I want to start buying into either of those conflicts. Both of them could have a VSF use though, so maybe a few skirmish units of each!