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Thursday, 12 November 2009


Work and family commitments have seen a pretty quiet time on the miniatures front for me. I am still plugging away at the Japanese infantry , I have managed to finish a scout steam armoured car for them, I will post some pics at the weekend.
Some exciting news , Great War Miniatures are releasing a Crimean War range. I looked at this period about 6 months ago but decided the ranges available were a bit limited, even Foundrys old range did not appeal. I bought a few boxes of soft plastics because there seem to be a good range available, far more economical too!
But I got bored cleaning the figures up so it got shelved. With Musketeer about to release Indian Mutiny figures too , I shall have to decide if I want to start buying into either of those conflicts. Both of them could have a VSF use though, so maybe a few skirmish units of each!

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