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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Atlantis Report One

An Imperial Japanese Force has landed on a island off the south east coast of Atlantis. Land was spotted during morning roll call and consequently it has been named Tenko Island.

After a circumnavigation General Yugo selected a bay on the south eastern coast to be a base for further operations.
 A few days later a black ship was seen steaming northwards a few miles out to sea. Mad Jack Hargreaves , a renegade scientist of dubious character, had also decided to explore this island.
General Yugo spent a few days establishing his base then began to push patrols out along the coast.
The force heading north was led by Kinokaruta Taro and consisted of a unit of the famous smoke stalkers, a Bishi steam armoured carriage and a Mitsu steam powered walker. After three days travel there scouts reported evidence of human occupation, namely a huge statue of a head , KK decided to investigate, not knowing this led him to a confrontation with a force of masked troops sent south by Mad Jack led by Commander Riley which included an almost identical strength force.

The noise of the steam contraptions converging upon each other had also alerted some huge native creatures.

Control of the area around the statue was the aim of both forces.

The Japanese armoured carriage soon ran into mechancial problems

Meanwhile KK on the right of the Japanese advance decided to attack an encroaching monstrous Dinosaur creature (AK).

Eventually KK overcame AK and decided to start chopping it up for rations for the troops

Mechanical problems persisted for the Japanese force and another Dinosaur (Steggy) took advantage and rammed the walker.

Nori , the pilot of the walker , impatiently leapt from his machine and took on the Dino with his sword.

This proved to be a mistake , as the dino flipped him over  with his powerful neck and and killed him with a crushing blow from his swinging tail.

The Japanese steam carriage had eventually got started and made good speed flanking round the back of Rileys defences. Riley had so far played a very defensive game with his rifle unit and his steam walker holding the centre of the battlefield.

The steam walker killed quite a few of the smoke stalkers after a futile charge , the minion rifle unit charged the remnants and cleared them from the battle. 

The scout steam tank he had sent out ahead of his forces, whereupon it got rammed by Steggy.However no damage was taken by either contestant bar a headache or two and Steggy wandered off and took no further part in the battle.

The Japanes walker was toppled from the combined fire of the minion walker and the minion steam tank which after its brush with the dino had got to the rear of the Japanese forces.

KK decided this was an opportune moment to report back to General Yugo, so he ordered the steam carriage to follow him and hot tailed it off the battlefield , leaving Commmandr Riley in possesion of the statue with a force that had taken surprisingly few casulties.
Rules-Standard G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T with a few modifictaions.
Players - Mors (Dinos and Japs and Umpire) , Mors Junior (Masked Minions) , Mors Minor ( Japs till his bedtime)