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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Targets Revised Down Already!

I think on reflection I was being a bit ambitious with the amount of figures I am going to paint , so the previous post is not set in stone!  I cannot see myself painting that many Redcoats ....but you never know.

I spent today working on the bases of my Zulus , I currently have 50 that just need the bases finished and shields, about 50 need a few bits of detailing and bases and shields and about 100 which are cleaned , undercoated and given a all over basecoat.Im hoping by next weekend to get the first 50 finished when I shall post some pics.I actually started these back in the autumn  so dont think Ive done this in the last couple of weeks! I have developed a speed method (well speedy for me) to paint the Zulus as I am keen to paint lots and get them on a table next year. I also have approx 50 24th foot half painted.

In a future post I shall consider the miniatures Im using in more detail but my Zulus will be a eclectric mix of the following ranges- New Foundry, Old Foundry, Rapier, Empress, Old Glory , Black Tree Design , Redoubt, Baker Company,Steve Barber Models and Wargames Factory. My unfortunate collecting habit makes me buy figures from different manufacturers even though I know they should not really be used together due to differences in size and style and I have got figures from all of the above and I even bought a few from Irregular, Minifigs and Hinchcliffe for the sake of completeness.

Till next time