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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

EotD Kickstarter Ends

My first foray into a kickstarter , which seems to have come all the rage during my sabbatical away from the hobby, has ended. Westwind managed to get £92,848 pledged which I think they will consider a great success. Im not telling how much I pledged!
I was looking forward to Empire of the Dead when I heard it was going to be released , then of course it came out during my break so I did not buy into it, well I have now. I actually started doing some work on my existing figures last weekend in preparation for the rules pdf which I hope we will get shortly. Although the game only needs about 7-8 figures per side , most of the figures will be eminently suitable for all types of other adventures.
With the long bank holiday weekend coming up and my family away I am going to get some of my older figures finished off that I started many moons ago, and Im aiming to run a game on Monday using the introduction adventure on the website http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/empire_landing.php
I got plenty of coppers with more on the horizon, I hope Westwind produces some like the artwork above with gas masks.

The kicksarter can be viewed at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/832150598/empire-of-the-dead-requiem-0

More posting at the weekend....

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  1. Huzzah! Is it June yet! Play few genre's but EotD is my current favourite since it came out last year. Some interesting post's.