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Sunday, 14 February 2010

First DA Battle

As usual I did not achieve what I wanted to during the week ,I am just too tired to get the enthusiasm up to paint when I get home from work. Both orders of Abyssinians are here now and I have based them today , hopefully will start painting them soon but I need to do a few things to my Japanese VSF force first , this will take priority for the next couple of weeks.
This afternoon I finished the 3 white men each for my FP and for the Karl Peters expedition -

Karl Peters

German Officer?


Belgian Sergeant

This afternoon I had a quick game of HoDA with Mors Junior using my lightweight movable board , I controlled the German force and Mors Jun the FP, Mors Minor was involved with a randomly moving lion and helping with the dice throws!
We only had the time for three turns  and simplified the rules as it was our first time although the rules are fairly simple anyway.Here is the table with all my figures that are  painted on it.

There are too many figures for for our first game and the size of the board (4'x4') , so we cut them down to

The FP consisted of two 9 man soldier units , 2 white man units , standard bearer , scout and c-in-c.
The german expedition was a 9 man soldier unit , a 10 man heavily armed askari unit , 15 man musketeer unit, 2 white man units  , standard bearer scout and c-in-c. Roughly about 640 points each, as HoDA has a reccomendation of 720 points as a max it was a bit ambitious, especially starting the game at about 7pm on a sunday night!The soldier units are very very expensive points wise.
Here is a picture of Mors Minors lion getting his din din during turn 2-

Thats it for now, hopefully more to report next week!!

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