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Monday, 8 February 2010

First Abyssinians Arrive

The order from Irregular arrived today and Ive had a email to say the Bicorne order has been dispatched. From reading the forums I know the quality of these two ranges is not as high as Askari and a long way behind Empress offerings , however Im not disappointed so far, these had a bit of flash and the sculpt quality is what I would call old school but with a reasonable paint job I think they will be ok, service from both companies is meant to be excellent and so far I can confirm that.Here are a few pics of the Irregular order that I have cleaned up so far.

Here are a few charcters, at the front from left to right is a std bearer, MenelikII , coptic priest with 2 parasol bearers behind.

Here are the infantry with small variants, I ordered 5 of the same code and they are all slightly different. There outfit is a bit fancy for standard tribal troops so they may have to be a chiefs retinue.

Galla heavy cavalry. These Im not too sure about , the riders have mail shirts which is fine but I have no reference for the quilted armour on the horses , I did order some Savannah cavalry too but these are definately the Galla. If anyone knows how these should be painted I would appreciate it!!

The order also contained 5 musketeers and 3 light cavalry as well as some Savannah heavy and light cavalry and Savannah infantry.


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  2. I meant to say, have a look at this picture for your cavalry maybe?