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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Defeat for Imperial Japanese Army (Not glorious either)

Had a great day yesterday playing my first game of GASLIGHT with some of the chaps from LAF. I remembered to take my camera tripod, it would have been a lot better had I remembered my camera too!
I took a few pics with my iphone but Im sure a battle report will be up on LAF soon and I will post a link.

Here is a picture looking down the table
My forces started at the far end on the left hand side opposed by the British , the nearer side in the picture were ither forces including Americans, Khosindan Pirates Sanwar. The centre of the table was occupied by an Atlantean Temple which was the main objective of the game , however I completely ignored that.
Thanks to Bullshott for lending me some of his Japanese army (and for helping me sort my army list) some of which can be seen here http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Bullshott/gallery/1952/
My force consisted of my stalkers, line infantry , imperial guard, tank, walker and tatsuhiro suit led bt KK Taro ( General Yugo was a onlooker). To these forces were added 3 small tankettes , a steam samurai , a unit of line infantry,a unit of mecha (stalkers) , a unit of Japanese sailors made by Pulp Figures  and various characters.

Japanese start positions

Looking across the table towards the British positions.

American forces.

The central Temple
I will not comment to much upon what happened during the game, suffice to say after some early successes in particularly against the The Black Watch and the BRAS ( balloon cavalry)  it all went pear shaped after a beer break.Some of my units including my crack Imperial Guard got involved with some Atlantean units defending the temple and didnt move more than 6 inches all game until they got wiped out, to make matters worse I had a steam tank in the jungle nearby and forgot to move it a couple of times. The Japanese Naval unit performed particularly badly and  at one point ran away , however I will be ordering a unit of these for my force soon!
On my other flank the steam tanks did well but were eventually put out of action , although the crew after exiting the smoking remains of there vehicles carried on the fight and in fact had some remakable success before succumbing. My central forces moved forward to within range of the British and basically got shot to pieces. General KK Taro spent the game runnning around like a headless chicken. The steam tank I had forgotten about a couple of times eventually got involved but incurred a damaged gun barrel in its first engagement and proceded to ram any vehicle it came into range of, with limited suceess.

My thanks to the other players for a enjoyable day, thankfully I knew neither the England rugby result nor Chelsea footy result till I got home.

EDIT- A far more complete report is available here

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