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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Martians seen again in Surrey

What have the Martians got against Surrey? First Horsell Common, now Cranleigh.

Here is a picture of my back garden this morning-

Last night Mors Junior and myself braved the snow and went to see Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds at the Brighton Arena   -  http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com/default.aspx

Normally less than a  hours trip, due to the massive 1/2 inch (sic) of snow it took almost four hours! Thankfully we left with plenty of time to spare and got there five minutes before the start. Two tee shirts and the very nice programme were bought. I have some Martians on order from RAFM which are based on the Space 1889 role playing game, these will be added to my Parroom Martians which I hope to start painting in the new year (which new year? I hear myself asking).

A Martian tripod advancing down my street

A flying machine attacking Mors Junior and Poppy

These images were created using my iphone and a new app available here - http://www.zgames.com/twotw

They have a game coming out soon too, cool.

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