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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lord Chelmsfords Expedition (1)

'AETHER    The final frontier. This is the voyage of Her Majestys Star Ship Prince Albert. Its five year expedition to explore strange new worlds and claim them on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Victoria (God Bless Her) , to seek out new species and civilise them in the British way, to boldly go where no Englishman has gone before.'

From - The Earl of Kimberley (Secretary of State for the Colonies)
To     - Lord Chelmsford (GOC Imperial Forces South Africa )

By command of Her Majesty the Queen (GBH) I request you to take all expediancy in raising a military and scientific expedition to our new empire across the solar sytem and beyond.
Her Majestys Aether Ship Prince Albert has been allocated for your use. Your mission is twofold, to consolidate our existing territories on Mars , Venus and Mercury giving assistence to our forces stationed there against aboriginal and earthen powers and to search out new planets  so far unknown and claim them on behalf of Her Majesty. Particular  attention should be shown to procuring any valuable mineral rights in the new territories  and to prevent access to them by other earthern powers such as the French, Germans, Belgians, Russians , Americans and Japanese (particular the Belgians!)
Due to the continued commitment of our forces across our colonies the Imperial troops available will be few in number but they will be equipped with our most up to date weapons invented at our secret research laboraty at ****** and manufactured at the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich. To provide extra firepower some troops from across our colonies on earth will be provided. You will also be accompanied by some of the leading lights in the military and scientific world. Some political , industrial and social factions will also be with you in your travels, be warned that the  insufferable woman Lady Busbridge has the ear of the Queen and elements of her reactionary supporters will be with you.
The aether frigate HMAS Swiftsure will bring reinforcements to your expedition as and when available.

Troops Allocated
X Company , 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment of Foot (commanded by Lt Bromhead)

17th Steam Lancers

Clockwork Engineers

Godalming Ladies Armed Militia


  1. All really very nice,but the Steam Lancers really stand out!


  2. A magnificent Force of Progress!
    But Engineers Jules Verne and Albert Robida are working hard to provide the French Foreign Legion and Colonial Infantry with even more advanced weapons...

  3. Oh my... This is brilliant stuff!! I may have to borrow this idea!!