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Sunday, 31 January 2010

A good couple of months.

I am pretty pleased with myself, with the exception of three German explorers and three Belgian officers which are only half done, I have managed to complete the Darkest Africa figures that I wanted to finish by the end of this month. Thats 39 figures finished off which I had started painting a year or more back , mainly the bases needed completing , and 81 figures finished from scratch since the begining of December. I know a lot people paint far quicker but by my standards its positively lightening , the Christmas break and a few snow days certainly helped.
Some Foundry tribal musketeers , the images have come out quite shiny due to the flash.... I hope.

Close up of  the musketeers.

The other group.
These tribal musketeers will probably be some of the most useful miniatures I have got. They appear in the majority of the army lists for Chris Peers Heart of Darkest Africa , henceforth on this blog to be known HoDA.

Bearers , 14 Foundry and 4 Dixon Dahomey range. These were painted some time ago.

DOAG askaris by Copplestone Castings being attacked by a Foundry Lion , also painted some time ago. I will use these 10 askaris as the basis for my Carl Peters expedition.

A group of Askaris including a lone FP who missed the previous photo shoot.

A few more askaris and gun bearers,  all by Foundry. The guy in the middle is my favourite miniature I have painted for Africa so far.
So there we have it, if I can get the 6 white guys done next week I have now got enough for a game , in fact more than enough to play HoDA , the Belgians in particular are very expensive points wise.
I will probably have a break from painting Africa miniatures for a bit, once I have got the 6 mentioned above done. I have 80 odd Azande , about 60 Masai the Dixon Dahomey range and a few bits and pieces including animals in a unpainted state , but I will be going back to VSF for a short while.


  1. Nice work, especially the skin tones on the Africans. I've always had a hard time with those.

  2. Cheers. Pretty confident with the skin tones now. I just use the Foundry dusky flesh triad and the wash with GW devlan mud , the wash allows you to be less than precise with your highlighting but you domlose a bit of defination , I also occasionally use there black wash for a bit of variety.

  3. Must rember to check message for typing errors before posting

  4. Very nice.

    Puts my feeble Darkest Africa effort to shame :O(

    Well done Sir!