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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Force Publique Based

After much less time painting yesterday than I had hoped for I had a good day today , managed to finish the FP native forces bases and get them varnished and got quite a lot done on various other Darkest Africa miniatures , including a couple of coats on all the bases which I always find a bit of a drag! I have taken some photos but they are not brilliant, I cannot seem to get the settings right on my camera when taking pictures indoors.

Group picture

Musicians , standard bearer and scout.

First unit

Second (straw hat) unit

Third unit

So now I have to get some officers finished off. I have three very close to being finished and as this is the maximum you are allowed in the Heart of Darkest Africa rules I will probably leave the others in an undercoated state until I feel the urge to finish them....sometime in 2012 I expect.
I recieved an order from Foundry this week of Azande which will be the normal opposition for  the FP (and sometimes allies) , although historically you can use the FP against Zanzibaris , Pygmies,other tribes of the Congo including jungle cannibals and even late  Mahdists. As the Congo Free State  bordered territories of Britain France and Germany there are plentiful 'what if' scenarios also available. At a pinch they could also be used as early WW1 up against the Germans in East Africa.


  1. Love these figs. Your paint work is excellent and the skin tones are lovely. Wish I could find their like in 15mm. All the Askaris and native infantry I can find in fez are wearing trousers and shoes.

  2. Thanks very much, sorry I have just noticed your comment. we are quite well served in 28mm I must admit. If I see any 15m I will let you know but its not my scale.