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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Japanese and Greeks

Been hammering away at the Japanese , they are nice models but seem to take forever. I went to SELWG on sunday, had a nice day with my eldest son who played a geat game put on by Diamond Geezers, it was a WW2 raid game. I picked up a few extra Japanese from Redoubt to enable me to make up a third infantry unit , they are slightly bulkier than the Parroom ones but I think they will be ok together. Redoubt informed they are releasing a Russo-Japanese war range 1904-1905, they already have the Japanese so some Russians will be released hopefully by the end of the year.

My main purchase of the day was some Eureka from Fighting15s , amongst others I got a few bags of there Greek Evzones. These are tiny compared to the ones from Tiger, and even though I dont normally worry about scale creep , I am not sure these will look right on the same table. However, they may end up on Mars because they should not be too out of scale with the Parroom Brits etc. Here is a picture of the Japanese general , still need to finish off the base.

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