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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. This blog will be about my interest in miniature gaming set during the Victorian era. I use the term gaming loosely, I tend to be more a collector and painter ( of limited ability) . Why have I started a blog? Well, I'm not too sure really but it will be a way of expressing myself without talking to myself......or the other voices I hear in my head sometimes :) .

I have interests in other periods and genres but more of that another time, this blog will deal in colonial and predominantly VSF gaming. To the uninitiated VSF stands for Victorian Science Fiction , I would prefer Victorian Adventure as a term as this would also cover games without a SF element as some of mine will be, but VSF is the standard term used.

My main interest is in 25/28mm scale which is good for small scale skirmishes , however I do have some 18mm Black hat miniatures which I painted when they first came out and am tempted to go back to them at some point , but I am determined to get my 28mm plans well and truly underway first.

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