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Monday, 25 April 2011

Cemetery Chapel

During my visit to Salute I acquired some scenery to create a cemetery , including the new plastic gravestones from Renedra, as well some from Westwind, Hasslefree(made by Armourcast) and a few others I forget at the moment but when painted I will post some pictures. So a new unforeseen project has started , although to be fair I have always wanted to have a cemetary and a church for my victorian London project. This project has come closer to likelyhood from some new products I saw at Salute....more later on this. I have spent my spare time at the weekend painting up some Renedra plastic camp site bits I bought at Salute and a Ziterdes cemetary chapel I ordered form a newish gaming shop in Surbiton, here is a link to them http://www.heroesandlegendsgames.com/

1 comment:

  1. Nice Church !
    What use for the Renedra tents ?
    They look very interesting and I don't know if they could good for 1/72 scale(Medieval and/or Old West)