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Monday 15 April 2013

Steam Navvies

Managed to spend a few hours on Sunday painting. Here are some figures I painted some time ago but finished off yesterday with a very quick base job.
These are now available from Black Pyramid Gaming although I bought them Design 28 which was run by the John Harrison. I have all the packs they produced and although they are not the normal style we get nowdays I like them. This is Isambard Kingdom Brunel with three steam navvies, Brunel died in 1859 and I think this figure will be used to represent his son Henry Marc Brunel who carried on in his fathers footsteps.


  1. What great looking miniatures and paint job Sir.

  2. Thanks very much. More to follow soon I hope

  3. Hi there,
    These figures are look so professional. Congrats! I have found your blog, which I really like it. I enjoyed to read your posts.
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  5. Great castings, I can't wait to see more.